Gold jewelry, diamonds and precious stones:
true quality Made in Italy.

Where handicraft meets passion

LUSI Gioielli was founded in Romano d’Ezzelino by the two siblings and entrepreneurs Annalisa and Giorgio Zanin. Their project was to build upon the passion for jewelry they inherited from their father Lucio, giving new life to the family business. For two generations LUSI has been making gold jewelry, diamonds and precious stones (necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings) and is now a leading force in the Italian jewelry industry. Each piece is crafted to reach the highest level of elegance and finesse. Simplicity and class are the guidelines to our creations.

Quality without compromise

The quality of the raw materials is LUSI’s top priority: it’s high quality or bust. With more than three decades of experience in the goldsmithing business and a constant attention to  the latest market trends, we offer a wide price range without ever compromising on quality. Our jewelry can meet any request, even from the most demanding clients.

LUSI employs professional designers and highly qualified modelers to craft unique custom collections. Thanks to cutting edge technology and the knowledge of our master artisans we can turn your imagination and creativity into solid and beautiful lines of jewelry, customized to fit your needs.  


Creativity is worth Gold

Creativity is at the core of LUSI’s mission. We mix tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, concocting collections imbued with aesthetic taste and the excellency of Italian made jewelry. It’s this cocktail of technology and skill that’s allowed us to build bridges with the industry’s leading distributors over the years. The quality of our products was, and always will be our best insurance.