Create your own exclusive collection with LUSI

We make jewelry that’s unique, just like your ideas.

LUSI Gioielli lets you create exclusive collections, fully tailored to your ideas, made in Italy with high quality materials (gold, diamonds, precious stones). We shape your fantasy into solid gold, creating the jewelry you’ve been dreaming about. With the help of LUSI’s brilliant designers and modelists coming from the top design schools of the country, you’ll be guided through every step of your custom collection’s making process. 

Designing the piece is where it all starts...

LUSI’s experts use the latest 3D modelling software to visualize and shape each piece, working thoroughly on every single detail. Our modelists will walk you through the designing phase, they will shape the piece according to your needs.

Once the designing phase is done LUSI experts proceed to make the model with the aid of high precision machinery, which is then sent to our skilled artisans for the lost-wax casting process.

The final details

After a first finishing, diamonds and other precious stones are embedded into the mode. This process is done by hand by a professional embedder, following traditional techniques.

Wear your dreams

This is how your custom, one of a kind line comes to life: your choices, paired with the mastery of our artisans and the sophisticated production processes, are what will make your jewelry truly unique. We do custom collection because here at LUSI we believe in adapting your needs, not the other way around.