About us

The meeting of craftsmanship and passion

LUSI GIOIELLI was established in Romano D’Ezzelino (VICENZA) by two siblings, Annalisa and Giorgio Zanin. Their vision: to give new light to the family goldsmith tradition and revive a passion for jewellery, passed down from their father Lucio.

For two generations, LUSI has been making jewellery with gold (9-14-18 carat), diamonds and natural stones (precious and semi-precious), in keeping with the rules of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece of jewellery is modelled using a combination of aesthetic refinement and elegance. Simplicity and refinement are the cornerstones of each of our creations.

Quality without compromise

Lusi places the utmost emphasis on the selection of high-quality raw materials, taking advantage of extensive experience in the goldsmith field and constantly adapting to market trends to offer competitive value for money.

Our jewellery meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Working with professional designers and qualified modelers, we offer customisable lines that turn every fantasy into reality, combining the art of master craftsmen with cutting-edge techniques.

Creativity is worth gold

Lusi puts creativity first, combining tradition, craftsmanship and innovation to create collections that combine aesthetic refinement with the excellence of Made in Italy.

This combination of technology and professionalism has allowed us to establish solid commercial relationships with leading distributors in the sector. The quality of our products remains our best guarantee.

Who we work for

Lusi Gioielli collaborates with companies, shops and jewellers with VAT numbers, offering personalised services in the creation of exclusive jewellery collections.

Our craftsmanship experience translates into unique pieces that reflect the distinctive identity of our customers.

Our values

Each collection we design is made with passion, professionalism and experience, using only top-quality materials such as gold, diamonds and precious stones. However, our values remain our most valuable resource.

Elegance and refinement as a guide for every creation

Combining traditional knowledge with the courage to explore

Faith in the true and authentic Made in Italy

Modelling ideas in unique jewellery

Shaping emotions, both ours and yours