We make jewellery that is unique. Like your ideas.

LUSI GIOIELLI gives you the opportunity to realise customised and exclusive collections entirely MADE IN ITALY, starting from quality raw materials (9-14-18 carat gold, diamonds, precious stones, etc.). 

At our workshop, we bring your fantasies to life, creating the jewellery you have always dreamt of. With the talent of up-and-coming designers and experienced modellers, LUSI leads you through all the steps of making your custom collection.

It all starts with the design

LUSI uses the latest programmes and software for 3D modelling and graphics, enabling the object to be visualised before being created and modified in every detail. Our modellers accompany the client in the conception phase, modifying the design according to particular needs and requirements.

Once the design phase is completed, LUSI technicians then move on to the production of the model, fully detailed, using high-precision machinery.  At this point, the piece of jewellery passes to the hands of expert craftspeople who then carry out the lost-wax casting method.

The last details

After an initial refining phase, the model is enhanced and embellished by the setting that fixes the diamond or precious stones to the piece of jewellery.

The entire process is carried out entirely by hand by a specialised gem-setter, following the traditional technique.

Customise your collection

Your exclusive and non-replicable line comes to life thanks to your choices, the technical workmanship and the craftsmanship of our artisans.

We create customised lines because we adapt to your needs, not the other way around.