Solitaires, trilogies and verettes epitomise the very essence of handcrafted excellence, with meticulously crafted details and a design that will capture the eyes and hearts of your clients.

Precious colors

A timeless celebration of enduring beauty, enriched by the presence of high-quality precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.


An expression of joy and vibrancy, a reflection of the colours and emotions that brighten our lives. Collections that add a bold and positive twist to the personal style.


They are keepers of stories, symbols of love and objects that resist the passing of the seasons. Jewellery that conjures up worlds suspended between dream and reality, between water and sky.

Fantasia Oro

From the art of fluid curves to the boldness of geometries, every detail is designed to capture the vibrant essence of contemporary taste. Whether you are looking for an iconic collection or a richly detailed fantasy, LUSI GIOIELLI will know how to interpret the best of your brand needs.


Small points of light contrast with coloured enamels in vibrant collections that bring freshness and contemporary creativity to every piece of jewellery.